There’s a warmth at Country Villa Assisted Living, that goes beyond the California sunny weather, to all the ways you are made to feel welcome. Enjoy the appointed suites, the graciously Kosher fresh menu, and the good friends you’ll make along the way. All and all this is a place where its easy to feel at home, while enjoying the freedom of a carefree lifestyle.


Rated 5 stars Country Villa Terrace also known as (RCFE) Residential Care Facility for the Elderly, provides residents with independent living, as well as continuum of care on-site. This means the residents have access  to our Skilled Nursing Facility connected to the Assisted Living.


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Choose between a comfortable private suite or a shared room with a living partner that shares your same interests, personalize your space and share your daily experiences in a community where you can be comfortable in the companionship of those with the same interests, culture education and recreational activities.


Evelyn Pearlman

Country Villa Terrace Assisted Living, has been my home for over 10years, after my husband passed I found my home here. I am happy because I’ve had the opportunity to run the residents store, I have always been a business owner and I am grateful to be able to socialize and run the business.Come Live at Country Villa!  

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