Private Single Room Monthly: $3500

Companion, Shared Room: $2500

Our assisted Living Fees for levels 1 through level 4 are designed for residents who require assistance with activities of daily living. These fees are determined by a personalized assessment and are in compliance with (LIC 9172) Act, our staff will evaluate your service needs by assessing your functional capabilities, physical status, mental condition, and social factors. For details regarding this assessment please refer to the attached Functional Capability Assessment (LIC 9172). WPT will update your assessment annually or as necessary when there is a significant change in your condition or to keep the assessment accurate.

Following is the fee schedule for each level of care and description of the service provided at each level.

Level Description

  • Level 1: Escorts, AM,PM Assistance OR Bathing                                                                       $350/mo
  • Level 2: Escorts, AM,PM Assistance, Bathing                                                                              $500/mo
  • Level 3: Escorts, AM/PM Assistance, Bathing, Dressing Grooming                                         $700/mo
  • Level 4: Escorts, AM/PM Assistance, Bathing, Dressing, Grooming, 2hr check                     $900/mo

Additional Care Services

Incontinent Care Only  $350/mo

(Supplies not included and to be provided by resident or outside source)

Medication Management Fees  $350/mo

All medication must be prescribed and authorized by the resident’s physician.

The medication program involves:

  • Use of a uniform medication packaging system
  • Reminding the resident to take medication
  • Check all delivered medications for correctness of medication and dosage
  • Observing the resident taking all medication
  • Assisting with the self-administration
  • Ordering and reordering medication

Community Fees:  $1,000 for single private room./ $1500 for companion room

Paid prior to move in residents, excluding respite stays. This fee covers the administrative costs associated with a residents Move-in and move-out. This fee is UNREFUNDABLE within the first three months of residency, on a prorated basis.

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